93-Yr-Old Veteran Sleeps In Car After Fleeing Wildfire, Then Stranger Says ‘You’re Coming With Us’


So many countless families have felt the horrific unforgiving destruction of the California wildfires. They have been left homeless and helpless and in need as the holiday season has started.


Lee Brundige, a 93-year-old World War II veteran, still does not know if his house is still intact after his hometown of Paradise, California, was engulfed by the Camp Fire.

Lee, who lives by himself, left his home and made it to a parking lot in a nearby town. There he found other evacuees, one which was a kindhearted woman who was handing out hamburgers to those in need.

Tracy Grant tried offering Lee some food, but he turned it down telling her to save it for someone else who might need it more.

The sheriff’s deputies eventually instructed the evacuees to leave the parking lot; the air quality was declining rapidly and the area was filling with smoke.

Tracy asked Lee if he had somewhere he could go. Homeless at this point, Lee said he could always just sleep in his car.


Tracy couldn’t stand the thought of leaving the 93-year-old veteran to sleep in his car and fend for himself.

Tracy asked Lee if he would follow her to her home and stay with her.

Again, Lee again turned down her offer. But Tracy didn’t give up.

What happened next was such a generous act of kindness from one stranger to another even while so much destruction was happening around them. Watch the video below: