Lexi Reed ‘FatGirlFedUp’ Lost 285 Pounds In 18 Months With These 2 Simple Steps!



When Lexi and her husband went to a Chinese buffet for a night out, it was common for them to eat over 7 plates of food each. Munching down on chips, rice, ribs, chicken and meat dishes, as well as the greasy, deep fried starters.


They both loved fast food, soda and sweets and their unhealthy eating habits caused them both to gain a massive amount of weight and for Lexi to tip the scales at almost 500 pounds.

Lexi, who started an Instagram to document her journey, @fatgirlfedup, recalls that she had always been overweight and the concept of eating healthy wouldn’t be an easy start.

“When Danny & I met at 16 years old (10 years ago), I weighed over 300lbs. He never knew me as any less & never asked me to change. I however wanted to live a longer life with him, be healthy, and be able to have kids in the future.”

Lexi knew she wanted to make a change but it wasn’t until New Years Day 2016, when a close friend of the couple challenged them to a series of healthy changes to their lifestyle and to start exercising every week that she really got serious.


“On January 1st 2016, my best friend challenged my husband and I, to no eating out, no cheat meals, cooking everything we ate at home, no alcohol and working out 4 to 5 times a week, as a new years resolution.”

It was these two simple concepts, of cooking everything at home and exercising 4-5 times a week that would change Lexi’s entire life.


Starting off wasn’t easy for Lexi, who weighed over 485 pounds, but she took it as a challenge and decided to stick to the principles religiously.

“For the first month, I didn’t eat out at all, I made everything and I don’t even like cooking, so I was constantly learning. I was cooking foods I enjoyed and taking foods that I had liked before and making healthy versions of those meals. I didn’t feel deprived and could still eat the foods I wanted.”

After getting in the groove and forming healthier habits, the journey became a little simpler and after getting comfortable with her new diet, she turned her attention to cardio. Lexi would get on the eliptical machine and not get off for 30 minutes, even if it meant pausing and taking breaks during.

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