Mom sells stillborn son’s crib at garage sale – 1 week later, buyer returns and asks her to look in his car.

Valerie Watts is a grieving mother who went through a terrible miscarriage. Having to let go of the excitement of being pregnant and expecting a newborn is probably one of the most difficult times of her life.

Miscarriages are a truly tragic matter for any women, particularly if the baby was already fully developed meaning that the risk that was apparent in the first three months has been significantly reduced.

Nine months pregnant, Valerie was more than prepared for the birth of her son, and it was only a couple of days before her due date that she noticed that her unborn baby was not moving like he usually did.

Unfortunately, Noah had passed away just a few days before being delivered into Valerie’s life. Valerie was distressed, upset and in total despair.

Valerie kept hold of her baby’s clothes until she felt that is was time to let go.

In an attempt to not remind herself of her heartache constantly, Valerie decided to sell Noah’s crib in a garage sale. It was a constant reminder that brought her to tears every time she saw it.

Gerald came to the yard sale and saw the crib and immediately offered a price to which Valerie agreed to. He had no idea that at the time, the story behind the crib.

As he was driving home with his wife, she told him that she had spoken to Valeria and explained all the details. His wife was also very upset when she heard this.

They both made a decision to return the crib to Valerie, but they had something else in mind as well.

Gerald was also a professional carpenter and he knew that the bed was would not stay with Valerie in its existing form forever. So he decided to transform it into a beautiful chair that can serve as a sentimental memory piece for Valerie.

A week later, Gerald returns to Valerie’s home with the beautiful chair. The bed transformed from a painful reminder to a beautiful memory that could remain eternally in her heart and home.

Valerie was so happy that she even teared up.

What a wonderful gesture by Gerald who understood the heartache of a mother and tried to make something special to keep the memories in forever.

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