Real Men Know That One Woman Is Enough!


Utter selfishness is depicted in a man that is dating more than one woman. This type of man is usually considered to be filled with lust, greediness, and is a loser in life. He cares less about his partner’s feelings and would go a mile to have two or more women. Such men do not enjoy the sweetness that abounds in love.


A real man does not chase after different ladies persuading them to be his girlfriend.

He has explicit knowledge that a relationship involves two people; a man and a woman. He, therefore, would go to any extent to ensure that it works out between him and his woman. A real man fights to re-ignite the spark where it has dimmed.

He does all that is within his power to ensure that he and his woman stay in love. On the other hand, a man who leaves his woman for another because they are no longer in love with them is *not* a real man. Real men identify the problem in their relationship and find a solution to ensure they stay happy with their partners.

A woman should be cautious with a man who dates multiple people. Such men have no intention of being in a long-term relationship with you and will only hurt you.

Regardless of their persuasion towards you, do not be fooled. Such a man does not give a hoot about you or your feelings, so walk away before it is too late.

It is therefore essential to us discuss in-depth facts that make real men know that having one woman is enough. A man can give a million reasons why he prefers dating multiple women, but on the other hand, a real man will give a billion thousand why he dates one woman.

So how do we stop this madness and convince men that it’s better to stick to one lady? Here are the reasons why dating one woman is so much better:

Real men love their woman despite her flaws and disadvantages

Real men like their women indeed. They comprehend that love is caring. Thus will always love and care for their women despite their weaknesses and flaws. It is true that no one is perfect and there is no such thing like “meant to be.” Real men are aware of this and love their women regardless of their imperfections while working together to mold themselves into their desired tastes.

Therefore, real men will work closely with their women regardless of their flaws to see to it that it works between them. If you do not appreciate your woman’s flaws, you are not a real man.

A real man shows his woman that she is the best thing in his life

A real man is not afraid to confess his love for her. He tells her always that she is the best thing that experience has given him. He shows her signs of appreciation and still sees to it that she is happy. A real man is in a woman’s life because he understands how much it means to her and not because he is giving her company in life. It is lovely when a man knows he loves a woman. Such a man will never do something that hurts the woman he loves. He always places her happiness before his.

On the other hand, a selfish, greedy, and lustful man is in no position to love someone else and will always place himself before others. As a result, he hurts the woman that loves him. You should know that a real man does not destroy the woman he loves. So if you cut your woman, you are not a real man.

Real men understand the true meaning of love

Love is not meant for every Dick, Tom, and Harry. Only those who know that it is the most fantastic feeling in the world get to enjoy it. A real man understands this perfectly. Real men understand that love yields fruits only when shared with one woman. To this effect, a real man finds a woman who will be his ally and lover to share his innermost feelings and thoughts with for he correctly understands that love is amazing.

Having multiple women will hinder you from realizing that love is fantastic and the most powerful thing in the world. You will never really comprehend how it feels like to be loved or love another deeply.

A real man is mature enough to commit to one woman

Let the truth be told. Men are pathetic to life commitments. They are these creatures that value their freedom more than everything else in this world. It, therefore, takes a real man to deny himself the pleasures of the world and commit himself to one woman. Through commitment, he sees to it that his relationship works out. As a man, are you committed to your relationship or you running up and down?

If not, it does not hurt to commit yourself to someone for commitment paves the way for plans between you and your spouse. You are willing to fight for each other no matter what comes your way.


Note, it will only take a real man to commit himself to someone. Just a real man is mature enough to face his fears and make long-term goals with his woman.

A real man doesn’t stop dating his woman

Most men forget the meaning of romance once the woman they once persuaded says “yes, I do.” They remember that love is a day to day affair. It is only a real man who understands that for the spark to remain ignited, he needs to put in some effort. He understands that the journey does not end once she says “I do.” He, therefore, ensures he takes her for regular dates which facilitate their bonding. Also, he buys her gifts and surprises her continually.

Some men take their women on dates on special occasions such as their birthdays, but a real man spares a day or two in a week to take his woman out and spend time with her. Also, it only takes a real man to cook dinner or lunch for his woman. Real men want to treat their women right.

A real man has got his woman’s back at all times

Some men will stick to a lady during her ups in life and shortly leave her in her downs. This is very unfair. Real men, however, stand by their women despite the situation that growth has put them in. They correctly understand that love means having your partners back at all times. The perfect example of this type of men is the kind that stands by their women’s side once they conceive.

Research shows that most first time pregnancies are not planned for. Such situations in a relationship scare men away. It is right to panic at such a time, but it is very wrong to dump your woman. You forget that you were in it together. It takes a real man to stand by his woman’s side despite the situation they are in. He assures her that everything will be alright although he has no idea about how to go about the case.

A real man is enduring

We stated earlier that love is sweet, but it has its challenges as well. Love is like a flower that has to be watered and pruned to flourish. It becomes very tiring being with someone for over a decade. Can you imagine waking up every morning to the same face for over ten years? Quite boring, right? Love has lots of challenges. For instance, your spouse may at times lie to you. It becomes very tiring, right? However, it takes a real man to endure all this. A real man withstands lies that comes with a relationship.

He will always find a way to go about challenges that arise within a relationship. Also, he stands by his woman giving her all the support she needs still. A real man understands that the love of his life might come after the worst mistake of his life. Desire has never been natural. At most times, you love and get hurt often. The question is, what do you do after you get hurt?

Will you mourn and complain all the time about how pathetic you think women are? Have you dated all the women for you to conclude that they are inadequate? It takes a real man to get hurt and move on positively. He understands that getting hurt is not the end of the world. Sometimes in a man’s life, love might find him in his worst situation. Only a real man who embraces life can embrace a new romance after his worst heartbreak. It takes real men to accept their mistakes, move on, and grab new opportunities as they present themselves.

In conclusion, it takes a real man to know that one woman is enough. Real men understand their women’s worth thus do not view them as sex objects as other men do. He understands that her happiness is his priority and will go to any mile to ensure she is happy. It is therefore essential for you who are reading this article to gauge yourself. Are you a real man or a man who dates anything that walks wearing a dress? Well, don’t you think it is high time that you manned up?

For how long will you keep running away from commitments? Are you aware that time is no longer on your side?

Well, it is the high time for you to act mature and face your fears as real men do. Other men have overcome their concerns so you will not be the first or the last. Arise from the crowd and be counted as one of the few real men in the world.

You should be proud when counted as one because only a real man understands that love is fantastic, loves his woman despite her flaws, stands by his woman despite the situation she might be facing, tells his woman she is the best thing that has ever happened in his life and is mature enough to commit himself to a long-term relationship.

Considering this – are you a real man? If so, you should be proud of yourself! Or if you’re a woman who’s with a real man, you should consider yourself lucky! Real men are rare in this world. Let us know how you would define a real man and be sure to pass this article on to all men out there!