Stacey Herald, the smallest mother in the world passes away after living a beautiful life


Stacey Herald was a 44-year-old woman who suffered from a birth disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Due to this disorder, Herald couldn’t grow a normal height and remained just 2 feet 4 inches for her entire life.


Although the woman was shot in her height, her courage, determination, and strengths were not. She lived a beautiful life and crossing all the obstacle her life and her height brought her. Sadly, she passed away just after 44 years in the world.

Stacey Herald was the smallest woman on earth who was living as a mother. No, she did not adopt kids but her kids were her biologically.

Stacy always wanted a happy life and a family to share it with. Stacy met will many years ago and the couple fell in love.

Despite her height, Will wanted to marry Stacy. Well, they say love is not based on physical appearance and that is so true in this case.

Soon after the couple got married, next Stacy wanted was to have a family. The couple consulted a doctor who asked them not to have kids of their own.

Stacy’s condition caused the underdevelopment of her body and her bones and lungs were affected by the same too. Her lungs were not fully-grown and neither were her bones.


Being concerned by the situation, the doctor told them that her body won’t be able to conceive a child. If she conceives a child, the child might outgrow and suppress the other [parts of her body. This can even paralyze her or in the worst case, kill her.

Stacy was not ready to take this all in because she wanted to have a family of her own with Will.

The couple decided to have their own kid and blessed by a daughter named Kateri in the year 2007. Although it was not an easy time for Stacy, she survived the pregnancy and gave birth.

Breaking the odds, she again gave birth in the year 2008 to her second daughter Makya, who is 10 now. In 2010, she gave birth to her third child, her son Malachi.

Her husband and her kids continue to live in the family home in Kentucky.

Although the couple wished all their children to be free from Stacy’s condition, Kateri and Malachi both inherited their mother’s condition.

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