Stop Putting These Things On Your Face, Number 3 Will Shock You


Thank your luck or put the blame on it because internet is piled up with DIY techniques, remedies or tips for all sorts of things including skin care. They may or may not work wonders for you depending upon the skin type that you have, but here we have enlisted a few of them that are in no way paving your way for a better looking skin.



Most people across the world apply a tinge of toothpaste on the skin, mainly to fry out that ugly looking acne. Though it is logical to put something cold on what’s born out of heat in the body, it can also work the other way round, and irritate the skin to an extent of causing burns or even leaving scars.


It may have come across that a lot of home remedies for skin care talk about applying hairspray on the silly pimple on your face, well yes, it will dry out the acne and get rid of it but if it isn’t your lucky day today it may also clog the pores of your skin and add up to the irritation.

3.Hot Water

We all are fond of hot, seamy showers but everything in excess can cause a lot of trouble. Too much of hot water baths can end up softening and attacking the protective shield of your skin. This may cause the moisture to escape and lead to dryness.



Vaseline is mostly used to keep chapped skin at bay. When you use it on your skin it initially makes your skin soft and moisturized but a lot of it can actually lead to more number of pimples and dry condition later on.

5.Body Lotion

There is a reason it is called body Lotion because it is for the Body and not the face. The skin on your body is thicker and more resistant than that of your face. Therefore, body lotion is more aromatic than moisturizing.


A lot of home remedies mention the use of sugar in the facial mix but it may come as a surprise that it can actually end up doing more harm than good. As mentioned above, the skin on your body is more elastic and thick than that of your face. Sugar may do wonders for your feet or body but can cause impairment to your facial skin.

7.Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is largely used to prevent the spread of infections of minor cuts and burns, but it should NOT be used to treat acne as it can cause inflammation and various other allergic reactions on the skin.


Say  no to alcohol, not just for a healthy liver but also for better skin care. Alcohol may be used on open wounds to prevent the infection from spreading and to sterilize the area but if used on the face, it may dissolve your skin cells leaving you with dead skin cells and a very unhealthy skin.