The Reason Why You Wake Up at the Same Time Every Night

Sleep problems are among the chief health complaints of people around the world. Difficulty falling and staying asleep can have a major impact on a person’s ability to function normally. For centuries, the Chinese have used what they refer to as an organ clock to pinpoint health issues that may be causing sleep and health difficulties at various times of a day. They have also categorized activities that are ideally based on the time of day in accordance with a function of the organ with which the time of day correlates.

According to the Chinese, the body’s energy, which they call chi, inhabits one major organ at a time for about two hours for each organ. By taking a closer look at health issues impacting sleep or wellness at a specific time of day, many people have found success in attaining personal wellness and a fulfilling, consistent sleep cycle. Let’s take a closer look.

Trouble Falling Asleep Between 9 and 11 PM?

Between 9 and 11 PM, your body’s energy is focused on your triple warmer, part of a group of muscles protecting your heart that creates balance in your body by working with the endocrine system to prepare you for sleep. If this mechanism isn’t functioning properly, you may be experiencing insomnia or early sleep disruptions. Ideally, this is a time when you should be resting or sleeping.

Waking Up Between 11 PM and 1 AM?

Between 11 PM and 1 AM, your body’s energy is focused on your gallbladder. Your liver produces an important digestive fluid called bile, and the gallbladder is where that fluid is stored. This is a time when you should be experiencing regenerative sleep. If you are waking up or feeling pain during this time, you may be experiencing gallbladder issues.

Waking Up Between 1 and 3 AM?

Between 1 and 3 AM, your liver is detoxifying your body and producing more bile to send to your gallbladder. Your body’s natural function at this point is to continue sleeping and detoxify. This is a common period in which sleeping people experience dreams. Waking or discomfort during this period may signify health issues related to the liver.

Waking Up Between 3 and 5 AM?

Between 3 and 5 AM, your body’s energy is focused on the function of your lungs. The body heals as it sleeps, and your lungs are repairing themselves from the damage they sustain every day. This should be a period of deep and restful sleep. If you find yourself waking up frequently during this time, you may be experiencing some level of breathing dysfunction. Sleep apnea is one common breathing disorder that can seriously impact the sleep cycle.

Waking Up Between 5 and 7 AM?

Between 5 and 7 AM, your body’s energy is focused on the function of your large intestine. Around this time of day, your body is preparing to eliminate waste from the day before. Having a bowel movement is a normal and healthy part of a morning routine, and in the view of the Chinese, it is an indication that chi is flowing properly. Waking up during this time may be caused by pain from the digestive process taking place or other large intestine issues. It is advised to drink water upon waking to promote good intestinal and overall health.

Feeling Sick Between 7 AM and 9 PM?

Between 7 and 9 AM, your body’s energy is focused on your stomach, which is prepared for the vital intake of breakfast. Difficulty and pain experienced during this time may be related to stomach difficulties. Consuming breakfast has been proven to be key in maintaining energy and concentration throughout the day as well as having a positive impact in keeping metabolism high, boosting weight loss results.

Between 9 and 11 AM, your body’s energy is focused on your spleen and pancreas. These organs keep busy metabolizing the food you ate for breakfast, helping in the process of converting that food into energy for your day. Discomfort or health issues happening during this time often relate to the spleen and pancreas during the process of metabolization. Working and being active is recommended during this time.

Between 11 AM and 1 PM, your body’s energy is focused on your heart. Your heart is distributing blood funded by the nutritive content of your now mostly digested breakfast, and it’s time to have lunch and socialize a bit. If you’re experiencing health issues around this time, you may have an issue with blood pressure or heart health.