Unconditional Love Is About Acceptance And Growth, Never About Changing Your Partner


When two people are truly in love with each other, they can’t help but develop into better people. This has to be a kind of love that comes without any ulterior motives.


People who really care for each don’t sent set conditions. They are able to take their partner for their real self, flaws and all, for the rest of their lives. They cannot help but love each other’s imperfections.

Let’s face it! We’ve all be guilty of selfish love where we’ve fallen for another person, or rather who we thought that person could be if they wanted to. In reality, we’ve just made up a perfect person in our heads and projected that on someone else.

It is not right to think that we can gain enough control over a person to smooth away their imperfections. It is a hypocritical thought when we ourselves are so flawed.

While all of us are looking for that perfect person, we also need to think about whether we’re just too scared to fall for another person and their real self.

So rather than trying to figure out what needs to be changed about your lover, just let yourself fall in love. You’ll realize that as the days go by, both of you change with each other’s help.

Just like with everything else, the change has to start with you. You can expect to receive only what you give.

When you love each other unconditionally, you will motivate each other to become the best version of yourselves. You will be the person that your partner deserves and vice versa.

You will not push things though. You will simply go with the flow… You will never force each other to change or to become anything but who they are. You will have each other`s backs and the change will soon come from within.

You will learn to sacrifice your wants for the benefits of others. When you love them unconditionally, you will never hesitate to sacrifice a temporary want for the well being of your partner and your relationship.

You will love each other fully, fiercely, and passionately. Loving unconditionally means loving with the whole heart. It means loving when your partner is in a bad mood, depressed, sick, or unlovable.

You will love your partner will all of their imperfections and flaws. Every human is imperfect, and loving unconditionally means to accept the fact that everyone will fail. And when your partner does, you will forgive them and continue to love them.

Love like this is difficult to find, but understanding that you need to begin from yourself is the first step. To love others, we must learn to love ourselves first. The way we treat ourselves is a reflection in how we will allow others to treat us.

So, love yourself unconditionally and accept all of your failures, mistakes, and weakness. Self- love is the key!