Waking Up At The Same Time Each Night May Reveal THESE Fascinating Details About Your Health

You should pay attention if you’re waking up every night at the same time and without an alarm clock. You have to be aware that there are energies that are flowing through your body.
In some articles is explained how the energy meridians are used in the traditional Chinese medicine. They are important for the practices of acupressure and acupuncture.
According to the ancient Chinese medicine, the body’s energy meridians are connected to a clock system that is energizing the body’s different parts in a different times of the day. Waking every night from 3 am to 5 am means that corresponding body part is weak or blocked.

-If you can’t sleep in the time between 9 pm and 11 pm, that is because of the daily stress and worries. It is recommended to do meditation, relaxation and successive muscle tension exercises and positive mantras that are going to help you to sleep.

-If you wake up between 11pm and 01 am, according to Chinese medicine, it is because the gall bladder’s energy meridian is active. This time frame is related to emotional disappointment. In order to sleep again, you should practice unconditional forgiveness and self-acceptance.

-If you’re waking in time between 1-3am, it is the energy meridian that is associated with the liver and the Chinese medicine body-clock. It is related with excess yang energy and anger emotions. In order to sleep well through the night, drink cool water and try to deal with the situations that make you angry.

-If you are disturbed in your sleep between 3-5am , it is related with the energy meridian of the sadness emotions and the meridian that runs through the lungs. To get back to sleep you only need to take deep and slow breaths and express your faith in the Higher Power that is in you.
You have to pay attention id you are waking in this time frame, because your Higher Power may sent you alert messages to put you in order with your higher purpose.

-Waking up in a time frame of 5-7am is related to the emotional blockages. During this time, the energy flow in into the large intestines. In order to get back to sleep, use the restroom or stretch your muscles.

How our brain functions

While we are awakened in the night, our brain is not fully awake. Sleep inertia phenomenon is one of the consequences of sudden waking or waking up early, according to the NewYorker.com. In 1976, was the first given name of sleep inertia, and that refers to the time between waking and the time of being fully awake. How sudden you awake, the more severe is the sleep inertia. If you wake up suddenly in the night, your brain’s prefrontal cortex part is in decision making and your self-control isn’t awaken that means that you should not make some important decisions because you are not capable of any intelligent thoughts.

Waking up and fulfilling the higher purpose of yours

The time when you are sleeping and you are receiving messages about your path from the Divine, is called sleep cycle. Your spiritual journey’s details can be revealed by the dreams you have but you have to be aware of the signals that Higher Power of yours sends.

All your problems, such as emotional problems, can reveal in the body as pain. The inner spark of the divine that all of us possess, is called upon before the time you awake and that is the Higher Power’s signal you have to tune in.

Developing humans being, learning and becoming the best versions of ourselves is what many people believe in. Some of them claim that this is a process of ascension and consciousness .It is also about moving to a higher level of awareness because that is very important part of the process.

Believing in ascension or not, it is not normal for you to wake repeatedly between 3-5am. Getting align with the Divine and to be aware of the messages that your Higher Power sends to you is what you have to tune in and pay attention to.

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